For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. Romans 1:20

    Faith in Jesus Christ will lead to concern for every living creature on earth.
    –John Wesley

?Why Ag-Tech
Our primary call as YWAMers is to know God and to make God known!  We can better know God—his nature and character—by how he has revealed himself in creation.  We want to work with God to make his Kingdom tangible.  From the beginning, God called his creation “good” and made man responsible “to work it and take care of it,” partnering with God to fill the earth with expressions of His goodness, creativity, provision, and love.  This was the original job description for man.  The consequences of man’s sin are felt in all categories of his relationships, including his relationship with the rest of creation.  Creation itself is subject to bondage because of Adam’s disobedience.  The Good News of Jesus should have implications for the way we relate to creation.  It is our responsibility and privilege to steward creation and make the Kingdom of God tangible—to put into practice creativity, innovation, experimentation, blessing, abundance, multiplication, sustainability, etc.

 As with all other projects and initiatives, we want to be sure that Holy Spirit leads us, that our passions and pursuits are aligned with what is on God’s heart.  We go the extra mile to create an environment that is friendly and inviting.  We utilize renewable resources, repurpose available materials, and emphasize sustainability and reproducibility in all of our projects.  We are always learning, and therefore, encourage creativity and experimentation.  We are relationship-oriented and appreciate that we all can learn from each other.  

What We're Up To

Vegetable & Herb Gardening

Traditional soil gardening | Wood chip gardening | 
Raised bed gardening | Small space gardening |
 Soft fruits | Aquaponics

Animal Husbandry
Chickens | Guineas | Goats | Pigs | 
Cattle | Bees


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Going On!

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 We get excited about multiplication, so we always enjoy sharing what we've learned. We are happy to share with any fellow staff, students, or campus visitors. Our team facilitated the hands-on sessions for our campus' community development focused Discipleship Training School in 2018. We had a blast sharing about a range of topics from animal husbandry and water catchment to aquaponics and composting. It is our hope to have more opportunities to train others that have a similar passion for the goodness of God and His creation.