restore+transform DTS is a classic YWAM Discipleship Training School with a Community Development spin! The goal of Biblical Community Development is to bring restoration and transformation to individuals, families, communities, and nations by connecting people with God and His original design and intentions. As representatives of God, we work to facilitate holistic growth toward a fuller expression of His kingdom. We work from within communities to discover creative strategies that enable people to answer their own issues and meet their own needs.
Over the course of the lecture phase, we will discuss a range of topics that will empower students to more effectively advance God’s kingdom.  We will also work to facilitate participants’ growth in areas that practically demonstrate the Gospel. Students will have opportunities to gain hands-on experience in areas including sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental stewardship, alternative energy, and appropriate technology.
The Lecture Phase of our restore+transform DTS is transformational—but the focus is not on amassing a notebook full of facts about God. Rather, the focus is to know Jesus, grow in character, and catch God’s heart for the world.
The Nature & Character of God | Principles of Biblical Community Development | Repentance & Forgiveness | Biblical Worldview and the Root Causes of Poverty | Study of the Bible | Community Assessment | How God Speaks to Us | Role of the Local Church in Development | Godly Relationships | Character Development | Prayer & Spiritual Warfare |  Evangelism & World Missions | Justice & Mercy For The Poor | And Much More
Your journey begins as you gather with other young people from around the world, forming a diverse community of people from many backgrounds. Guest speakers with equally diverse stories have committed to come and teach you more of God's ways. Time is set aside for seeking God's heart for the nations and worshiping Him. You will meet in large groups, small groups and have one-on-one processing time with staff. And serving the local Ozark community ensures that not only will you learn, you will do!
The sun is beating down on you as you continually ascend the mountain ahead. One and a half miles behind and over 1,000 feet below is the village that you left this morning. The next village is at least three miles ahead with still quite a bit to climb.

Two things keep you going: First, a burning desire to bring the love of Jesus to this remote mountain village, and second, the skills and experience you’ve already attained from the first three months of the school.  This is your chance to put into practice what you have learned in Lecture Phase. Whether in Africa, Asia, or the Amazon, you can be part of the transforming power of God’s love in the lives of people you meet. As you take part in this beautiful redemption, your own life will be forever changed.
“I’d recommend DTS to anyone who loves adventure. You get to know God more while having fun. God becomes so much more real, and He becomes much more personal when you’re out in His creation.” 
2019-20 DTS Schedule
  1. Lecture Phase
    Phase 1
    Lecture Phase
    Sept 23- Dec 20 $3,375
  2. Outreach Phase
    Phase 2
    Outreach Phase
    Jan - Mar 2020 $2,000 + Airfare

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