Food Security Workshop (FSW)

Food Security Workshop



Arrival @ 4pm
Check-in @ 4:15
Campus Tour @ 4:30
Dinner @ 6
Orientation @ 6:45
Rest @ 8


chores @ 6:30 am
Harvesting @ 7:15
Breakfast @ 7:30
Rabbit Butchering @ 8:15
Dinner Preperation @ 11:15
Lunch @ 11:45
Bread/Pickling @ 12:30
Gardening @ 2:30
Dinner @ 5:15
Evening Chores @ 6:30
Evening Class @ 7:15 
Yogurt Making @ 8
Rest @ 8:45


Morning Chores @ 6:30am
Big Ol' Breakfast @ 7:15
Finish Yogurt @ 8
Quiet Time @ 8:30
Assemble Portfolio @ 9:30
Send off @ 11






Walk through

Participants will arrive around 4pm, allowing long distance travelers to take as little time off as possible from their busy schedules. In order to make this workshop fit with the typical work week we have tried to compress all the lessons into a very long Saturday. The workshop will officially end at 11am on Sunday, to allow plenty of time to travel.


The campus tour is an oppotunity for the staff to share some quick facts about the stations we will visit, and highlight the chores that the participants will begin on Saturday morning. We will have dinner with all the staff and students on campus at that time. Orientation covers the do's and don't's of the campus, and gives participants an overview of Community Development which is a focus of our YWAM campus.


Participants will hit the ground running on Saturday morning. Two to three participants will accompany Jen in the milk house to milk a goat and learn the benefits of raw milk. The rest of the participants will assist David with feeding our pigs, bunnies, chickens, horses, and guineas. On our way to breakfast you will grab a basket full of cucumbers or green beens for the pickling demonstration later that afternoon. Breakfast will include goat milk yogurt, berries, honey, and granola all sourced from our campus. That will lead into a 3 hour course on butchering, processing, and tanning the hide of a rabbit. Participants will then prepare their rabbit for dinner that evening.

Lunch will be BLT's! Ang, a local chef, will guide our students through the art of baking bread and pickling for about two hours after lunch. Students will spend the rest of the afternoon with Michael and Chris in the garden.

Dinner will be a very intentional time of fellowship. We will enjoy the delicious rabbit and bread that participants prepared beforehand. , where the remaining studenEvening chores follow, where the remaining students will help Jen milk the goats. As the day cools down, we will have an evening class around the firepit. We will end with a yogurt making demonstration using the milk the participants retrieved earlier that day.  Participants will have the remainder of the evening to enjoyed their well deserved rest


Chores are elective on Sunday. Everyone still participates, but they will be able to choose which chores they would like to do. We will all enjoy a big ol' breakfast with sausage, eggs, yogurt, fruit, and bread! We will quickly tend to the yogurt we prepared  the previous day, and then participants will be given an hour to find a quiet spot and communicate with God, our Father and Creator! The last activity for the participants will be a time of reflection from the previous day to assemble their portfolio. The YWAM Ozarks staff will send our new friends off with love and prayer around 11am.



Rabbit hide from a rabbit you butcher


Pickles from produce you harvested


Yogurt from a goat you milked



You will assemble a collection of how-to videos and insert them in a Google slide provided. Your portfolio will also include recipes, schematics for your own rabbit tractor, recommended resources, and bonus materials on solar ovens and water catchments.


Most of the food for meals will be sourced from our campus. You'll have free-range pork, eggs, rabbit, creamy goat yogurt, sweet berries, fresh baked bread, and organic crisp veggies! Phones will be encouraged throughout lessons, but meals are special times and we ask that they are put away.


Do you want to become more food-secure going forward into the future? Do you love the outdoors? Do you enjoy discovering new ex[ressions of creativity? Are you wanting to go deeper in your relationship with The Lord? Do you desire to learn skills that would help your community? If answering "yes" to any of these, then this weekend workshop is for your! The application button will allow you to sign up for the dates you'd like to join us! It is first come, first served.

Each weekend workshop is limited to groups of five and no less than two. Five individuals, five families (families will be treated as a unit), or any combination of the two. We want to keep the classes small so participants can get the most out of their experience!

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Pricing includes all food and lodging from Friday evening through Sunday morning



$500 - parents

$150 - 12 -18 yrs. old

$75 - 5 - 11 yrs. old

$0 - 0 - 4 yrs. old





$350 (Locals and YWAM discount may apply)