Mission Adventures

Mission Adventures is the Full Service short-term Outreach Ministry for Groups.
Our experienced Youth With A Mission staff will take care of all the details of your mission trip so that you can lead your team. We cover all the bases—food, housing, transportation, ministry planning, translation, supplies and everything else so you can actually be a pastor instead of an administrator. You show up with your kids, we’ll handle the rest.
Mission Adventures Means Ministry Training. 
You won’t go unprepared. Our experienced missionaries will equip you and your team with proven tools so you can express the Gospel across cultures. Not only will we prepare your hands, our camp-like training will prepare your hearts for all that God intends to do in and through your group.
Mission Adventures Means Spiritual Growth.  In serving others, your kids can become who they are intended to be. Jesus teaches us that when we lose ourselves for His sake, that’s when we really find out who we are. When you take your group on a Mission Adventures outreach, your kids will lose themselves in serving others. They’ll discover what they’re made of and grow. 

Why Choose Mission Adventures?

Mission Adventure is Proven

More than 100,000 young people have gone on a short-term Mission Adventures outreach. This year, thousands more will participate around the world. Whether this is your first mission trip, or if you’re a veteran, we’ve got a Mission Adventure for you!

Mission Adventure Changes Lives

Whether you’re bringing a team of Middle School students or a group of adults, lives will change. Your work will make an eternal impact on the lives you minister to during outreach. And somehow, God always touches the lives of those who go on the trip. No one goes home the same.

We Believe in Your Team

A Mission Adventures outreach is a hands-on experience. You and your team will be actively involved in strategic evangelism and meeting people’s needs. This isn’t a trip where you come and watch the missionaries work… You are the missionaries!

Incredible Value

Mission Adventures offers the highest level of service while our prices are among the lowest. But don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to shop and compare! While we don’t always have the lowest prices, we’re confident that we offer the most value for the money.

Training for You & Your Team

Every team that goes on a Mission Adventures outreach will receive training. Many of our trips include 3 or 4 days of live training. All of our trips include a Pre-Trip Training Kit that will help you prepare your team for the outreach.

World Class Service

Our passion is to take care of every detail so you can focus on your group. We’ll take care of the food, housing, transportation, training, host staff, translators, sound systems, outreach supplies... etc. Since you don’t have to worry about all the logistics, you’re free to lead your group and minister to your team. We’ll do the work, so you can do the ministry.


YWAM has been doing this sort of thing for a long time. We’ve become experts in the field. We’ve got the tools, the people, and the contacts to make your trip a success


2020 Theme: THE MVMT

In a world where gadgets are worshipped as gods, where individuality gives license to trample our neighbor, where perfectionism reigns with an iron fist, and success promises false certainty...
In a world where people are numb, tormented with anxiety, and breathless. Where depression bogs down the masses, where polarization and pride destroy any hope of true change, and everywhere you look we are plagued with “not enough”.


2,000 years ago the God-man died. Not only did He die, He came to life again and lives today, and His resurrection changes everything. He lives on earth in His people, here known as The MVMT

The MVMT rejects society’s idea of “life” that results in death. We The MVMT have each individually been crucified— our own will, desires, and ideas of reality are dead and we no longer live; It is Christ that lives in us. The lives we now live in our bodies we live by faith in the Son of God. (Gal 2:20) 



  • We the MVMT do not pretend to love others; We act in love towards everyone.
  • We the MVMT hate what is wrong and hold fast to what is good.
  • We the MVMT delight in honoring each other.
  • We the MVMT reject laziness, but work hard to serve our Master.
  • We the MVMT have joyful hope in our King.
  • We the MVMT are patient in trouble, committed to prayer.
  • We the MVMT are ready to help others and love practicing hospitality.
  • We the MVMT will bless those who persecute us.
  • We the MVMT will live in harmony, laughing with the happy and weeping with the sad.
  • We the MVMT will hang out with the lowly
  • We the MVMT will live lives of honor and peace with everyone
  • We the MVMT do not take revenge, instead we feed our hungry enemies and offer them a drink
  • We the MVMT will not be conquered by evil, but will conquer evil by doing good.


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July 20 - July 24
July 27 - July 31
Aug 3 - Aug 7

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