restore+transform DTS is a classic YWAM Discipleship Training School with a Community Development spin! The goal of Biblical Community Development is to bring restoration and transformation to individuals, families, communities, and nations by connecting people with God and His original design and intentions. As representatives of God, we work to facilitate holistic growth toward a fuller expression of His kingdom. We work from within communities to discover creative strategies that enable people to answer their own issues and meet their own needs.
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Discipleship Bible School

Discipleship Bible School enables you to engage directly with Scripture, not just learn concepts about it.  Invite the Living Word to be present when you read books of the Bible together in small groups.  Ask your questions, share your thoughts, consider the implications of what you read.  God will open your eyes to more of His perspective.  Each week you will discover discipleship and leadership themes, ways of Bible study, and how to share your faith more effectively as you listen to seasoned teachers.

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ILP, or "Internship"

Introductory Leadership Practicum

The Leadership Practicum offers you as a DTS graduate further opportunity to become more rooted in relationship with God, articulate your worldview, and deepen relationships with others. Take time to explore the gifts and passions that God has given you and develop leadership abilities, in a stimulating, healthy, encouraging environment.

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Food Security Workshop

The FSW is a weekend long program geared towards equipping individual to be food secured in any situation. Here, you will learn how to butcher and prepare rabbits, make your own yogurt and pickles, and grow in your relationship with the Lord. 

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Mission Adventures

Inspire Your Youth

With teaching that will challenge your group, training that will encourage them, and outreach that will change their lives, Mission Adventures is perfect for your youth group, school. or any other group of teens.  Just get here and we will take care of the rest.

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